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Rhinox-Wepit – Made in Germany – Made in Ahlen

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RHINOX qualified technical team cooperates with a selected group of design studios. The choice to build up external partnerships was strategically planned by RHINOX as part of its continues research for the most innovative
technical and design instruments.

Products testing and analysis are carried out through flow rate simulations and tests of resistance to high pressure and pull-out, with the final purpose to ensure the highest quality and reliability.

research development
research development


RHINOX offers a vast range of products obtained from brass bar, or from moulded pieces subsequently shaped on transfer machines. Modern and efficient machines ensure fast execution and accurate production. The employment of advanced equipment at all stages of production guarantees outstanding products, complying with the top quality standards that have always been a company hallmark on the market.


Starting from wepit has been implementing new information and digital technologies within its production system, with the aim of improving the management control and optimizing the organization of production and logistic process. The project, in constant development, is part of the plans for the realization of cutting-edge, future oriented factories (smart factories), in compliance with European strategy Industry 4.0.


Rhinox-Wepit uses an advanced Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for the management and preparation of the orders. Furthermore, the company has got two large covered warehouses intended for logistics and storage of finished and semifinished products. This, combined with strategic partnerships with important couriers and forwarders, allows Rhinox-Wepit to ensure an efficient and fast delivery service in Europe and worldwide.

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Thanks to the solid business network and to the cooperation with top logistics companies, RHINOX WEPITis able to deliver its products all over Europe in a fast and efficient way. Furthermore, throughout the years RHINOX WEPIT has managed to extend its activity beyond national borders, establishing partnerships with many important distributors and wholesalers of heating and sanitary ware, and successfully facing the challenges and needs of global market. Today RHINOX WEPIT has big partners in Europe and worldwide, exports to approximately 50 countries in 4 continents, and is a renowned brand at national and international level

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