From managing water responsibly to processing chemicals or hazardous substances

With our wide-ranging portfolio of products, Rhinox offers complete systems to fulfil a variety of needs across sectors.

Our plastic piping solutions not only provide the same resistance and reliability as traditional metal systems but also withstand corrosion.

They are cost-effective, offer a long operating life, and require low levels of maintenance.

Chemical Processing Industry

We provide a wide range of products and systems specially designed to contain or transport corrosive and hazardous chemicals. Whether used for chemical process lines or abrasive slurries, our industrial systems are cost-effective and built to last.



We have a range of products ideally suited to the pipework requirements of the marine and shipbuilding industry, where eliminating corrosion is a high priority. Our robust, high-quality plastic pipework is the perfect choice for a variety of on-board water systems.


Surface Treatment

We offer a variety of solutions for surface treatments, including galvanisation, electrodeposition, pickling and acid regeneration. Rhinox provides a range of products in a variety of materials to meet the needs of this growing global trend, which is essential to the automotive industry.

Swimming Pools

At Rhinox, we provide the ideal solutions for swimming pools. Our portfolio, which has featured at the Olympic Games, offers a range of options for consistent water circulation and transporting chemicals to keep these environments clean and safe.



Rhinox offers a comprehensive range of integrated piping system solutions that can overcome some of the major challenges in green hydrogen plants and a variety of applications within the Power-to-X ecosystem.