In our fast-changing world, connecting people with quality water and reliable energy only becomes more challenging.

Our global presence brings unrivalled knowledge and expertise, with our teams providing support at every phase of a project. Our market-leading and tailor-made solutions make installation easier and reduce service costs.

They are used in leading infrastructure projects around the world, including pipework for major international waterways, highly complex gas networks, and transportation of cabling in megacities.

Water Distribution

We offer sustainable solutions that meet the challenge of providing everyone with access to clean water. Our systems are tested and verified according to the highest standards for potable water, ensuring maintenance free and long-lasting installations.

Gas Distribution

Rhinox provides solutions to meet the energy needs of the growing population. The systems we provide for gas distribution networks are fully tested to meet the highest safety standards and deliver consistent performance.


Rhinox offers solutions that are suitable for use in gas distribution networks with up to 100% hydrogen and have been engineered to create a fully homogenous system that utilities and end-users can depend on for their hydrogen gas distribution needs.